Commercial Construction Rates and Stages in Pakistan
Commercial Construction Rates and Stages in Pakistan


Commercial Construction Rates and Stages in Pakistan

Commercial Construction Rates and Stages in Pakistan

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Commercial building construction in Pakistan is not an easy endeavor. It demands professional assistance and acute market analysis. Thus, you must collaborate with an experienced and reliable contractor. One who is aware of the regulatory measures and documentation requirements. Syed Brothers have decades of experience and a plethora of successful commercial projects. This makes us an ideal choice for the smooth and successful execution of your commercial construction projects. With up-to-date knowledge of the market, we can give you accurate commercial construction rates. In this article, we delve into the details of the requirements of commercial construction in Pakistan.

Requirements for Commercial Building Construction in Pakistan:

Syed Brothers are dedicated to simplifying the complex process of obtaining construction permits. We have compiled this comprehensive article to help you navigate through complicated procedures. With a commitment to excellence, Syed Brothers streamlines bureaucratic procedures. We ensure a smooth experience for clients seeking to embark on their commercial construction ventures. In this complete guide, we will walk you through the stages and prerequisites of commercial construction. Along with detailed insights into the commercial construction rates. In addition to the fees associated with various approvals, NOCs, and inspections.

1. Understanding the Land Revenue Management Information System (LRMIS):

At the start of a commercial project, Syed Brothers assists clients in obtaining a Letter of Confirmation of land title. Also known as “fard,” through the Land Revenue Management Information System (LRMIS). The fard serves as proof of property ownership. It is crucial for land use, plot proportions, road widening potential, cut lines, and reservations. Syed Brothers efficiently navigate the LRMIS process. Thus, enabling clients to acquire the necessary documentation within two days, at a very low cost. These charges may vary with the region’s commercial construction rates.

2. Obtaining No Objection Certificate for EIA:

Commercial projects must comply with environmental regulations. Therefore, it requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This article will guide you through the NOC application process. Consequently ensuring adherence to your commercial building to environmental protection laws. You submit an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) to the Environmental Protection Agency. Such are the protocols followed in Lahore, Punjab. The NOC procedure typically takes around 105 days. The cost of obtaining an NOC on Environmental Impact Assessment is approximately PKR 10,000 in Punjab. With thousands of successful projects in Punjab, we have established ourselves as leaders of Lahore Construction Companies.

3. Applying for Construction Permit:

We simplify the application process for building construction permits in Pakistan for their clients. Clients can apply to the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) by submitting a written application. Key requirements include signed application forms from professionals involved in the construction process. These include authorized civil engineers, practicing attorneys, and registered structural engineers. You also submit five copies of building designs, site plans, architectural and structural drawings, certificates of stability, proof of ownership, and relevant CNICs. Syed Brothers ensures efficient processing of your commercial project. Clients typically receive a response within 45 days.

4. Property Taxes and PT-1 Form:

Clients can obtain property tax valuations and certificates. These are available at the Excise and Taxation Departments of Punjab and Sindh. These certificates verify that the construction company owes no outstanding taxes. Additionally, the Excise and Taxation Departments inspect the structure. They then issue a PT-1 Form containing the assessed value and property tax due. Syed Brothers guides clients through the application process. This usually takes around a month without any further fees.

5. WASA Application Stage:

Syed Brothers facilitate the application of water and sewage connections. We assist them in this application process by providing clients with the required credentials. Clients must submit a series of documents to the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA). These are: authenticated copies of the owner’s CNIC, selling deed/proof of ownership, and property unit’s assessment. Syed Brothers ensure a smooth process that typically takes 60 days. However, the cost varies with the region’s respective commercial construction rates.

6. Approval for G+1 Floors:

Another pre-requisite for construction is seeking permission for constructing multiple stories. We must obtain approvals for each floor from licensed architects and engineers. Syed Brothers ensure that clients receive a Certificate of DurabilitY. We base this on the building plan, according to the relevant regulations. The approval process takes about a day and is free of charge. However, duration and pricing may not be the same. Consult Syed Brothers for an accurate quote!

7. Foundation Inspection and Final Certificate of Completion:

Syed Brothers ensure that the building company notifies relevant authorities upon foundation completion. The authorities can be the Sindh Building Control Authority and the Lahore Development Authority. They conduct thorough inspections, ensuring compliance with approved plans. After the construction is complete, Syed Brothers guides clients in obtaining a “notice of completion and authorization for occupation” form. Along with a Certificate of Durability from an authorized architect. The structure is then examined by relevant departments. Said departments then issue a Certificate of Completion. They attest to compliance with Pakistan’s approved building codes. Our clients receive the Certificate of Completion within approximately 60 days.

Supplier Selection For Optimizing Commercial Construction Rates:

Following the regulatory approvals, we move to the procurement stage. This stage involves materials sourcing and sub-contractor selections. Syed Brothers initiate this process by conducting extensive market research. We look for suppliers with excellent track records and high quality in supply for commercial projects. After we have shortlisted them, we send out invitations to said suppliers to submit bids and quotations for their materials. During this process, we can compare prices, quality and delivery timelines.

Of course, the quotations provided are directly influenced by the commercial construction rates. These can vary depending on the availability of materials in the region. For example, 1 Kanal house construction cost in Islamabad is higher than in Karachi. This disparity is due to the unavailability of labor and the inaccessibility of materials. Since our companies are all across Pakistan, we can negotiate the best rates for you.

Syed Brothers have expertise in commercial construction rates and handling of bureaucratic procedures. This makes us the go-to partner for clients seeking to embark on commercial projects in Pakistan. We streamline the application process, guide clients through approvals, and provide efficient solutions. Syed Brothers reinforces its reputation as a reliable construction company in Lahore and as one of the best construction companies in Islamabad. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in commercial construction ventures.

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